Better Together Supports

Better Together Support Team

Who We Are

We are a team of people who have been in the IDD community from being DSP’s and educators to front line advocates. We believe that each of our clients has the potential to not only exist in their community but also thrive within it, be accepted into it, interact within it, and contribute to it. We also believe that DSP’s are the best chance we have as an agency at impacting the lives our clients and we want to see our DSP’s succeed for their clients sake and their own sake, not ours.
David Neely

David Neely, Owner

David grew up working in the IDD community by his witnessing his mother’s work in education. As a result of what he saw, David began his own career in the IDD community by supporting IDD students in the classroom as well. This eventually turned into him being a DSP in a group home and eventually to becoming the HR Director for another community living supports agency.

David has an educational background in psychology and business. It was his experience and education that eventually led him to start Better Together Supports. It is his belief that we were created to thrive in community and his vision is to lean on that truth for the benefit of BTS clients and DSP’s.

Danika Kennedy, Compliance Manager

Danika’s dedication to special education sparked in Lebanon High School as a student aide and blossomed through her work in local schools. With two impactful years in residential treatment and another two as a behavior coach, she’s honed a keen sense for transformative care. 

Now, Danika brings her passion for progress to Better Together as our Compliance Manager. She thrives on guiding our DSPs and celebrating every stride forward with our clients, embodying the belief that growth is a journey we share. Her role is central to our mission, shaping the framework of excellence and shared success that defines our community.

Janet Martinez, Relationship Coordinator

Janet is our bilingual relationship coordinator. Her journey into this role is rooted in a deep commitment to fostering connections and enhancing support systems. Beyond her professional endeavors, Janet enjoys spending time with her children and family. 

Her passion for seasonal decorating transforms her home around the year. She’s dedicated to maintaining a clean and orderly living space. With several thriving plants gracing her home, they breathe life into her surroundings

LauraLynn Ripolya, Executive Assistant

LauraLynn initially joined BTS in 2023 on a temporary basis, but she quickly found herself enamored with the work and decided to make it a permanent gig. With over 13 years of experience as a CNA and MHTT under her belt, LauraLynn made a pivot back to education after her son began displaying signs of atypical development. This journey led her to dive into child development classes, ultimately culminating in a Bachelor of Science in Education.

Completing her student teaching stint in a school with high behavioral needs, LauraLynn brings a wealth of firsthand experience to her role. With a deep understanding as both a caregiver and a mother of a neurodivergent child, coupled with her educational background, she’s uniquely equipped to provide invaluable support to both clients and staff at BTS. Her ultimate goal? To witness everyone thriving together.

Linda Neely, Education Specialist

Linda, a former special education teacher with over 32 years of experience, brings a wealth of expertise and a deep passion to our team. Her career, deliberately pursued, began as a classroom assistant in California and progressed to a respected educator specializing in behavior disorders and high school education.

Retiring in 2019, Linda chose to continue her work with the IDD community, applying her extensive knowledge and skills. Renowned for her respect, humor, and unwavering commitment, Linda excels in positively impacting challenging environments. Her dedication to teaching and empowering individuals with disabilities remains the foundation of her impressive career.

Richard Neely, Director of Finance

Richard has served various communities as a pastor, principle, teacher, and even a financial advisor. He has helped support members of the IDD community in school and social settings. Richard has an educational background in finance and Biblical studies. He is also a veteran of the United States Army.

Sarah Martinez, Relations Unit Supervisor

Sarah’s passion for service shines at Better Together Supports. With unparalleled customer care and organization as her greatest strengths, she goes the extra mile to creatively solve challenges for clients and staff alike.

Now, Sarah brings her knack for building connections to her role at Better Together. She thrives on investing in our DSPs, celebrating every shared success with clients, and embodying the belief that when we support each other, we all grow together. Her dedication has been pivotal to our journey, from 10 DSPs when she joined as our first internal employee to the vibrant organization we are today.