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About Us

Better Together Supports is a Standard Model Agency that is focused on a collaborative approach to caring for our clients who are intellectually and or developmentally disabled. We truly believe that when we open up communication and include our clients in the decision making process, we create a care plan that is the best for them and their families. 


We celebrate the individuals we serve by creating a team that is focused on getting them the support they need to be successful.

Home Help


We are a Community Living Supports agency that staffs Direct Support Professionals for our clients who live in their own, private homes.


Our DSP’s work with their clients among their closest family members and friends. We do not currently serve any individuals in group home or facility type settings.

Who We Are

We are a team of people who have been in the IDD community from being DSP’s and educators to front line advocates. We believe that each of our clients has the potential to not only exist in their community but also thrive within it, be accepted into it, interact within it, and contribute to it. We also believe that DSP’s are the best chance we have as an agency at impacting the lives of our clients and we want to see our DSP’s succeed for their clients sake and their own sake, not ours.

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